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About Vidamine


The foundation of the company goes back to our common passion for sports having high demands on healthcare by finding natural ways to eliminate all kinds of chronic pain by using another vital step towards improving your health preventatively, therapeutically and safely through magnetic therapy.

As a team we live our values both internally and externally. Our mission is to bring people closer to their sporting goals by relieving pain with proven expertise and high commitment where there’s not been one negative clinical side effect ever reported on magnetic therapy. 

Our specialists have worked in this field for the past twenty years, becoming educated and experienced in this relatively new field. They have developed a vast database of the scientific literature on the subject and have become recognized themselves, as pioneers of modern magnetic field therapy.

In cooperation with sports scientists and top athletes we have verified the scientific information and advanced the utilization of Vidamine Medical Magnetics. The communication skills and credibility of our medical experts have won the loyalty and admiration of the thousands of individuals who have experienced their educational seminars and the benefits of magnetic field therapy.

Vidamine Medical Magnetics are a revolutionary therapeutic product manufactured in Germany according to the strict requirements of healthcare  regulations.

Vidamine Medical Magnetics have been clinically proven to relieve pain and inflammation fast. These permanently magnetized flexible pads cause an increase in local blood flow accelerating the body's natural healing process, thus relieving the pain and inconvenience of muscular aches, sprains, tendonitis, muscular low back injury and other nagging injuries.

Our Vidamine Medical Magnetics are intended to be an alternative to the use of such products as heating pads, electrical stimulation units, balms and liniments. Additionally, using Vidamine Medical Magnetics could aide in reducing one's requirement for oral anti-inflammatory preparations, muscle relaxants and pain relievers. 

Vidamine Medical Magnetics fits into today's active lifestyle with products that can accomplish any and all of the beneficial effects of the products mentioned above, with none of the unpleasant features such as thermal or chemical sensitivity.

Vidamine Medical Magnetics truly represents the kind of “common sense medicine” that appeals to our increasingly health conscious population.