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1. How do Vidamine Medical Magnetics work?

The magnetic field penetrates deep through skin, muscles & bones. When it reaches the affected blood vessels, amazing things happen. The magnets are designed for multiple applications & experience no loss of magnetic strength over time.

Increased Circulation: The magnetic field attracts & repels charged particles in the blood, creating movement & heat. This process causes blood vessels to dilate & circulation to increase; bringing fresh, oxygenated, nutrient-rich blood that nourishes & revitalizes the cells, while at the same time it pushes out the toxins. This reduces pain & inflammation to speed up the natural healing process.

Relieve of Pain: The magnetic field also creates a slight electrical current. This electrical current stimulates the nervous system, triggering the blockage of pain sensation.

2. What makes our custom-made Vidamine Medical Magnetics different from the competition?

Most magnets used today are inefficient, which is why users have mixed results. The key to efficient & effective treatment with magnet therapy lies in increasing blood circulation by properly aligning the magnetic field with the affected blood vessels. Correct alignment is when they cross them at right angles. 

Vidamine Concentric Circle Magnets feature a pattern of concentrically arranged circles of alternating magnetic polarity. The circles are of variable width & alternate between North & South poles. They guarantee consistent perpendicular alignment & deepest penetration to the magnetic field to the affected areas. This configuration is optimal for modulation of cellular processes related to blood flow & pain reduction. This revolutionary, patented technology is the difference that sets it apart from other magnets. 

Vidamine Medical Magnetics work by design – not by coincidence. 

3. Who can use Vidamine Medical Magnetics?

Anyone who suffers from musculoskeletal pain/inflammation, chronic pain, soft tissue injuries, tendinitis, arthritic pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, rotator cuff injuries, chronic lower back pain, sprains/strains, headaches, migraines, bed sores, wounds, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, stiffness, stress and poor energy or anyone who wants to maximize their wellness.

Note: Not to be used by persons with pace makers or who are pregnant. Not to be used on open wounds.

Vidamine Medical Magnetics products may be used over & over again; they never lose their effectiveness & require no change in one’s routine or lifestyle. All one has to do is use them!

4. In which size do Vidamine Medical Magnetics come?

Vidamine Medical Magnetics measure 40mm in diameter. 

5. How do Vidamine Medical Magnetics apply?

To apply the Vidamine Medical Magnetics please use our custom-made 3M double coated medical pads which are included in your purchase (10 pcs. per set).